kemper hammerSEAL unions

Quick mud tank connections for a non-leak seal

  • Kemper hammerseal unions quickly join mud tanks without the work associated with flanged connections
  • Even if the tanks are not aligning perfectly, Kemper Hammerseal Unions make up a tight for a non-leak seal.
  • The externally threaded female portion of the union welds to a stub of pipe at the tank wall.
  • Connecting pipe extends through the nut, the macro o-ring and then into the female.
  • When the internally threaded nut is hammered tight onto the female, the captive o-ring is compressed into a ā€œDā€ square cross section, sealing fluid pressures up to 150 psi against the outside diameter of the connecting pipe.

Kemper Hammerseal Union Specs

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Kemper Hammerseal Unions

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