kemper SEAL-O-GRIP (AIR) unions

Air-inflatable tight seal between mud tanks

  • Kemper Seal-O-Grip Unions are used to quickly connect and disconnect mud suction and return lines, or other low-pressure fluid lines. 
  • A tight seal is maintained even if pipe is mis-aligned, to certain limits. 
  • Body is made from ASTM A216 Grade WCB carbon steel.
  • The oil-resistant inflatable tube is heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant and is designed for 200-psi maximum air pressure. (Tube inflation pressure must exceed fluid line pressure by 50 psi to seal line pressure up to 150 psi).
  • Learn why the oilfield prefers Kemper Seal-O-Grip unions for their operations by contacting Mickan Tool and Supply today.

Seal-O-Grip specs

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Seal-O-Grip assembly

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